Sow Wild Oats Meaning – A Person Has Many Sexual Relationships

Sow [one’s] Wild Oats

(ऐय्याशी करना)

A period of life when a young person does a lot of exciting things with irresponsible behavior and has a lot of sexual relationships / A person has irresponsible behavior and has many sexual relationships, especially when he is young.

Synonym- be mischievous, do wrong, misconduct, offend

E.g-1. He sowed his wild oats before settling down

2. The son, it seems, hasn’t quite finished sowing his wild oats and isn’t really ready to settle down.

3. She’s suing her former fiance for at least $52,000 in wedding expenses after he got caught sowing his wild oats in Sin City.

4. The kids need to sow a few wild oats.

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