English Syllabus

This syllabus can be also called as Universal English Syllabus, where we are covering almost all topics, which will be very helpful to you for crack any Competitive exams of the world.
Exams Like Civil services, Federal services, ACT, SAT, GMAT, GRE, ASVAB, UPSC, SSC, Banking Exams, CAT, Railways etc..



Spelling Rules

– Prefix, Suffix, Some foreign words as – American, British, Italian, Latin, Greek etc..
– Practice


– Question mark (?), Exclamation mark (!), Full stop (.), Comma (,), Quotation mark (“ “), Colon (:), Semicolon (;), Apostrophe (‘)
– Practice

Tenses (Essential)

– Present Indefinite Tense
– Present Continuous Tense
– Present Perfect Tense
– Present Perfect Continuous Tense
– Past Indefinite Tense
– Past Continuous Tense
– Past Perfect Tense
– Past Perfect Continuous Tense
– Future Indefinite Tense
– Future Continuous Tense
– Future Perfect Tense
– Future Perfect Continuous Tense
– Practice

Noun (Essential)

Traditional Noun (Proper Noun, Common Noun, Collective noun, Material Noun, Abstract Noun)
Modern Noun (Countable & Uncountable)
– Gerund
– Gender
– Number
– Case
– Practice

Pronoun (Essential)

 – Subjective Pronoun (He, She, I, You, They, We)
– Objective Pronoun (Him, Her, Me, You, Them, Us)
– Possessive Pronoun
1. (His, Her, My, Your, Their, Our)
2. (His, Hers, Mine, Yours, Theirs, Ours)
– Reflexive/Intensive Pronoun (Himself, Herself, Myself, Yourself/Yourselves, Themselves, Overselves)
– Indefinite Pronoun (All, Both, Each, Few, Everyone, Many, None etc.)
– Demonstrative Pronoun (This, That, These, Those)
– Interrogative Pronoun (What, Which, Who, Whom, Whose)
– Practice

 Verbs (Essential)

 – Main/ Lexical/ Principle Verb
– Helping / Auxiliary Verb
– Linking / Copular Verb
– Stative (State) & Dynamic (Action / Fientive) Verb
– Modal Helping Verbs
– Regular & Irregular Verbs
– Transitive & Intransitive Verbs
– Finite & Non-Finite (Gerund, Infinitive, Participle) Verbs
– Practice

Adjective (Essential)

– Adjective of Quality
– Adjective of Quantity
– Adjective of Number
– Demonstrative Adjective
– Interrogative Adjective
– Possessive Adjective
– Practice

Adverb (Essential)

– Adverb of Frequency (Sometimes, Always, Often / Frequently, Normally / Generally, Occasionally, Usually, Seldom, Rarely / Hardly ever, Never etc..)
– Adverb of Manner (Cheerfully, Painfully, Efficiently, Secretly, Quietly, Peacefully, Slowly, Carefully, Badly, Closely, Easily, Well, Fast, Quickly etc..)
– Adverb of Time (Now, Yesterday, Later, Soon, Tomorrow, Yet, Already, Today, Tonight, Then,
Last month / Year etc..)
– Adverb of Place (Off, Above, Abroad, On, Far, Away, Back, Here, Out, Outside, Backward, Behind, Indoors, Below, Downstairs, Inside, Nearby, There, Over, Under, Towards, Up, Upstairs, Where, Everywhere, Anywhere, Elsewhere, Nowhere, Somewhere etc..)
– Adverb of Degree ( Fairly, Quite, Too, Entirely, Enormously, Very, Extremely, Rather, Almost, Absolutely, Barely, Just, Completely, Enough, Deeply, Virtually, Greatly, Fully, Hardly, Incredibly, Practically, Terribly, Scarcely, Somewhat etc..)
– Adverb of Evaluation (Apparently, Definitely, Clearly, Doubtfully, Frankly, Astonishingly, Fortunately, Bravely, Honestly, Carelessly, Foolishly, Fairly, Kindly etc..)
– Conjunctive Adverb (Accordingly, Comparatively, Besides, Conversely, Equally, Hence, Further, Incidentally, In comparison, Namely, Next, Rather, Now, Additionally, Undoubtedly, Anyway, Certainly, Finally, Elsewhere, In Contrast, In Addition, Indeed, Moreover, Nonetheless, Subsequently, Similarly, Thereafter, Also, yet, Finally, Meanwhile, Furthermore, Otherwise, However, Indeed, Still, Then, Instead, Therefore etc..)

Prepositions (Essential)

– From, Off, Of, By, For, Since, In, At, Upon, On, Onto, Over,  To, With, Towards, Underneath, Beneath, Under, Except, Among, Amongst, Between, Above, Below, Up, Down, Downwards, Upwards, About, Ago, Inside, Outside, Before, After, Within, Without, Next to, Adjacent, Beside, Besides, Except, Ahead of, In front of, Behind, Left to, Right to, Immediate right to, Immediate left to, Along, Alongside, Across, Beyond, During, Opposite, Against, Out of, Around, Through, Throughout, Up to, Till, Until, Via.
– Practice

Conjunctions (Essential)

– Coordinating Conjunction (For, And, Neither, Nor, Or, But, Yet, So)
– Correlative Conjunction (Not only-But also, Either-or, Neither-nor, Both-and, As-as, Whether-or, As much-as, Rather-than, No sooner-than)
– Subordinating Conjunction (Although, After, As, As if, As far as, As long as, As soon as, As though, Before, Because, Even if, Even though, Every time, If, In order that, So, So that, Since, Than, Though, Until, Unless, When, Whenever, Where, Wherever, Whereas, and While)

Interjection (Essential)

– Expression of “Joy” (Hurrah!, Wow!, Great!, Thanks a lot!, etc)
– Expression of “Grief” (Oh my God!, What a tragedy!, So sorry!, How tragic!, How sad!, Oh no! etc..)
– Expression of “Surprise” (Amazing!, What!, Oh my God!, My Goodness, Fantastic!, Wow!, Is it! etc..)
– Expression of “Consent / Approval / Praise” (Please!, Bravo!, True!, Well!, Certainly!, Done!, Sure! etc..)
– Expression of “Mistake” (Oops!, Oh!, Shit!, My God!, No! etc..)

Modals (Essential)

– Can, Could, Could have,
– Should, Should have,
– Must, Must have,
– Ought to, Ought to have,
– May / Might, May / Might have,
– Has to / Have to, Had to, Will have to
– Practice

Narration (Essential)

– Direct Speech (Concept & Rules)
– Indirect Speech (Concept & Rules)
– Practice

Active/Passive Voice (Essential)

– Concept & Rules
– Practice

Articles (Essential)

– Indefinite Article (A & An)
– Definite Article (The)
– Practice

Conditional Sentences

– Zero Conditional
– First Conditional
– Second Conditional
– Third Conditional
– Practice

Question Tag

– Positive Question Tags (are you?, is he?, was she?, were they?, haven’t you?, will you?, can you?, must we?, should you ? etc…)
– Negative Question Tags (aren’t you?, haven’t you?, hadn’t you?, don’t you?, won’t you?, can’t you?, couldn’t you?, mustn’t we?, shouldn’t you?, wouldn’t you? etc..)
– Practice


– Concept & Rules
– Practice

Reading Comprehension (Passage)

– Concept
– Expository Passage
– Persuasive Passage
– Narrative Passage
– Definitive Passage
– Descriptive Passage
– Practice


– Informal Letters (Friends & Relatives)
– Formal Letters (Business & Official)

Essay Writing

– Expository Essay
– Persuasive Essay
– Narrative Essay
– Descriptive Essay
– Practice

English Vocabulary

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Idioms and Phrases

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Practice Topics

– Antonyms & Synonyms
– Closet Test
– Completing Statements
– One Word Substitutes
– Ordering of Words & Sentences
– Rearrangement of sentences
– Sentence Completion / Correction /Improvement
– Spotting Errors

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