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civil engineering syllabus books & notes

Engineering (design and Build) have Lot’s of Branches, and here we will Share with you all detailed Knowledge of Civil engineering with the help of Best Books & Notes

Dear Engineering Students or Interested Visitors, if you are searching for free study material/study stuff and Learning Courses of Civil Engineering. so, you have come on a right place.

Here, Not only you will get all detailed knowledge about your topic of your Civil Branch. Even, you will get Free study material (e-books, Notes etc…).


If you are Curious to known about the syllabus of Civil Engineering of World’s different Universities, then here we try to provided the world’s Top Universities Syllabus of the different Regions. It will helps you to understand the curriculum and Education system of that State or Country. Hope it will help you!

Civil Syllabus

University Link
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Click Here
National University of Singapore Click Here
University of California, Berkeley (UCB) Click Here
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Click Here
The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) Click Here
Stanford University Click Here
Georgia Institute of Technology Click Here
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Click Here
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Click Here
The University of Hong Kong Click Here
The University of Sydney Click Here
University of Michigan Click Here
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Click Here
University of Toronto Click Here
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Click Here
Tokyo Institute of Technology  Click Here 
Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore Click Here
 Civil Exam Syllabus 
GATE Click Here
IES / ESE Click Here


UPSC IES/ESE (Engineering Services Examination) is one of the world toughest exams for engineers, which is conducted by UPSC India every year. GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Exam is conducted By IIT’s to do Masters Course as well as for Engineering Jobs in Govt. Bodies. We are providing the previous year papers of ESE / GATE / SSC JE / RRB etc… You could increase your concept up to the high level if you will be able to solve all questions. Good Luck!

Civil Engineering Previous Year Papers

Exam Link
UPSC IES / ESE Click Here 
GATE  Click Here 
SSC JE (Staff Selection Commission) Click Here
RRB JE (Railway Recruitment Board) Click Here
RRB SE (Railway Recruitment Board) Click Here



NewtonDesk Prime Notes will help for civil engineering students of across the world to get good content for their Competitive exam preparations like ESE / GATE / FE (NCEES)  etc.. Specially designed for self study and quick learning.


Engineering Mathematics  Colored Click Here 
Engineering Drawing  Colored Click Here 
Engineering Ethics  Colored Click Here 
Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Colored Click Here
Strength of Material (SOM)  Colored Click Here
Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC)  Colored Click Here
Steel Structures  Colored Click Here
CPM  Colored Click Here
Building Material  Colored Click Here
Highway Engineering  Colored Click Here
Railway Engineering  Colored Click Here
Hydrology  & Irrigation  Colored Click Here



Civil Engineering Study Notes will help you lot to achieve your target, we here try to provide the high level notes, which could be help to crack you Regular and  Competition exams Like IES / ESE / GATE etc...

CIVIL ENGG. NOTES (References)

General Aptitude & Reasoning (GATE /ESE) Latest Notes Colored Click Here
Engineering Ethics & Values B&W Click Here 
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) B&W Click Here 
Engineering Drawings B&W Click Here 
Engineering Mathematics B&W Click Here 
Engineering Mechanics B&W Click Here
Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Colored Click Here
Strength of Material (SOM) B&W Click Here
Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) B&W Click Here
Design of Steel Structure B&W Click Here
Structural Analysis B&W Click Here
Geotechnical Engineering (Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg.) B&W Click Here
Hydrology & Irrigation (Water Resources Engineering) B&W Click Here
Environmental Engineering B&W  Click Here
Surveying and Geology B&W Click Here

These Study Notes available of civil engineering

engineering mechanics in civil engineering, engineering ethics and values in engineering pdf, ICT ese notes, engineering drawing notes pdf 1st year civil engineering, engineering mathematics for gate pdf, fluid mechanics in civil engineering or fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines. strength of materials short notes pdf in civil engineering with 1000 solved problems, design of reinforced concrete structures lecture notes pdf rcc full notes in civil engineering, steel structure in civil engineering, structural analysis 1 lecture notes ppt with problems and solutions pdf for mtech btech, soil mechanics in civil engineering pdf. foundation in civil engineering pdf, irrigation and water resources engineering pdf, irrigation engineering in civil engineering pdf and hydrology pdf, environmental engineering pdf notes for civil engineering, importance of geology in civil engineering geology pdf download.


We are providing the available Resources of All Civil Engineering Best Books, which could be very helpful for all of those who prefer Books instead of notes to clear his concepts. These books are also referred by the Topmost Universities of the world. We hope it helps you lot!


Builder’s Foundation Handbook John Carmody, Jeffrey Christian, Kenneth Labs Click Here 
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics Munson, Young & Okiishi (John Wiley & Sons) Click Here     Click Here
Introduction to Fluid Mechanics R.W Fox, & A.T McDonald Click Here      Click Here
Engineering Fluid Mechanics Clayton T. Crowe, Donald F. Elger, Barbara C. Williams & John A. Roberson Click Here 
Boundary Layer Theory H. Schlichting (McGraw-Hill) Click Here 
Fluid Mechanics V.L Streeter & W.E Benjamin Click Here 
Fluid Mechanics F.M. White (McGraw-Hill) Click Here      Click Here
Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machines S.K Som, G Biswas (McGraw-Hill) Click Here     Click Here
Fluid Mechanics Bernard S Massey Click Here
Fluid Mechanics    Y.A. Cengel & J.M. Cimbala Click Here      Click Here
Mechanics of Materials James M. Gere Click Here     Click Here
An Introduction to the Mechanics of Solids S.H. Crandall, N.C.  Dahl & T.J Lardner (McGraw-Hill) Click Here
Mechanics of Materials 1 E J Hearn  Click Here
Mechanics of Materials 2 E J Hearn Click Here    Click Here     Click Here
Mechanics of Materials F P Beer, E R Johnston, J T DeWolf & D F Mazurek  (McGraw-Hill) Click Here     Click Here
Strength of Material  S.S. Ratan Click Here
Structural Engineering Reference Manual Alan William  Click Here      Click Here    Click Here
Reinforced Concrete T.J. Macginley & B.S. Choo Click Here 
Reinforced Concrete Design S.U. Pillai & Devdas Menon (McGraw Hill) Click Here    Click Here      Click Here 
Reinforced Concrete Structures Robert Park & Thomas Paulay (John Wiley & Sons) Click Here      Click Here 
Illustrated Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings V.L Shah & S.R Karve Click Here      Click Here
Limit State Design of Reinforced Concrete P.C. Varghese Click Here 
Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures   (not full) M.L Gambhir Click Here
Design of Reinforced Concrete Jack C. Mccormac & Russell H. Brown Click Here      Click Here     Click Here 
Design of Steel Structures A.S. Arya & J.L. Ajmani Click Here     Click Here
Steel Structure Design and Practice N. Subramanian (Oxford University) Click Here     Click Here     Click Here
Steel Structures Design Alan Williams (McGraw-Hill) Click Here      Click Here 
Structural Steel Design Jack C. McCormac & Stephen F. Csernak Click Here      Click Here
Structural and Stress Analysis T.H.G Megson (Elsevier) Click Here      Click Here     Click Here
Theory of Structure S. Timoshenko & D.H. Young Click Here      Click Here
Statically Indeterminate Structures Chu Kia Wang  Click Here      Click Here      Click Here 
Basic Structural Analysis C.S. Reddy  Click Here     Click Here 
Fundamentals of Structural Analysis Kenneth M. Leet, Chia-Ming Uang, Joel T. Lanning & Anne M. Gilbert Click Here     Click Here     Click Here
Structural Analysis R.C. Hibbeler (Pearson) Click Here     Click Here      Click Here 
Structural Analysis in Theory and Practice Alan Williams (Elsevier) Click Here      Click Here 
Structural Analysis I S.S. Bhavikatti  Click Here       Click Here 
The Engineering of Foundations Rodrigo Salgado  Click Here
Foundation Analysis and Design Joseph E. Bowles, P.E. & S.E.  Click Here     Click Here     Click Here
Fundamental of Geotechnical Engineering Braja M Das  Click Here     Click Here 
Geotechnical Engineering C. Venkatramaiah Click Here     Click Here
Geotechnical Engineering Principles & Practices Donald P.Coduto  Click Here
Soil Mechanics T. William Lambe & Robert V. Whitman  Click Here
Soil Mechanics R.F Craig Click Here     Click Here 
Craig’s Soil Mechanics J.A. Knappett R.F Craig  Click Here 
Soil Mechanics in Engineering Practice Karl Terzaghi, Ralph B. Peck & Gholamreza Mesri Click Here     Click Here 
Advanced Soil Mechanics Braja M Das Click Here      Click Here     Click Here
Water Resources: Hydraulics and Hydrology Alfred S. Harrison Click Here
Guide To Hydrological Practice (V1) World Meteorological Organization Click Here      Click Here 
Applied Hydrology for Technicians Balek J., Bruen M., Gilbrich W.H. (UNESCO) Click Here 
Environmental Engineering Ruth F. Weiner & Robin A. Matthews Click Here
Introduction to Surveying Michael Minchin Click Here
Railway Engineering Satish chandra & M.M. Agarwal (Oxford University press)  Click Here      Click Here     Click Here
Civil Engineering Objective & Conventional Ques.  R.S. Khurmi & J.K. Gupta Click Here      Click Here 
Civil Engineering Objective Type Questions S.P. Gupta & S.S. Gupta  Click Here       Click Here     Click Here
Civil Engineering Objective & Conventional Q&A R Agor Click Here      Click Here 

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