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list of off words

words ending with off …..

  • In modern English, ‘off’ word is used quite frequently But Many People Have confused that which “off” words have to be used in sentences. ‘off’ is also a very common word. It has quite a few functions in the English language, but the most common of which are the functions of an adverb and a preposition. It is also used to describe a state of discontinuance, or suspension: “Turn off the lights.’
  • The prepositional function of ‘off’ is also a commonality. Here, it can be used as a word to indicate the physical separation or distance from a position of rest, attachment, or union. “off” is Used as ‘away from’. 
  • If i explain it in simple way that Off is the opposite of on. Ex:- ‘Turn off’ opposite of ‘Turn on’. 
  • The word off is commonly seen as part of a phrasal verb, which is a single verb made up of more than one word.


  1. Wipe that paint off the wall.(In this example, the prepositional phrase is off the wall. The word off is a preposition)
  2. Stop showing off. (Here, off is a Particle)
  3. She suggested to me that I call off the meeting.(Here, Phrasal verb(call) + Off)

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Words Ending With “OFF”
“OFF” Words Meaning Sentences
Back off To Retreat / To Abandon / Move backward from a certain position Back off, Mom, I am old enough to make my own decision!.

The Union has Publicly backed off that demand.

The chairman wanted to sell one division but later backed off.

Better off More Fortunate / Happier / In Better Circumstances Would be better off taking the train instead of driving.

Felt better off after the rise in stock stock price.

She would have been better off if she had stuck with teaching.

If you have got bags you are better off taking a taxi.

Because of his asthma, he would be better off in a different climate.

Blast off launch with great force  The shuttle blasted off cleanly.

The original planned launch was called off four minutes of blast off.

Great news that the pulverized coal injection plant is ready to blast off.

Blow off To Relieve or Release / To Choose not to Attend or Accompany I don’t think we can afford just to blow this off.

If you blow off your homework, you’re bound to run into trouble on the exam.

Just blow off his comments, he’s only joking.

Blow off steam.

He blew me off after our third date.

He blew off his first period class three times that week.

Break off To Sever or Detach / To End (Relationship, Association etc..) / To Stop Abruptly He broke a piece off the bar of chocolate. 

The new section has broken off from the established church.

They’ve broken off their engagement.

The governments have broken off  diplomatic relations.

She broke off in the middle of a sentence.

Brush off To Dismiss and Ignore (a person)  Roberta brushed off the poor review with a shrug.

She had never been brushed off so rudely before.

When i tried to talk to her about it she just brushed me off.

I wanted to keep in touch, but when i called him he give me the brush off.

Buy off To Bribe / Pay to get rid of a claim or opposition  They tried to buy the guard at the bank off but he told the police and the gang was arrested. 

He was caught to trying to buy off the opposing candidate.

Policies designed to buy off the working-class vote.

It’s not difficult to buy off a magistrate.

Call off To cancel or Postpone  / To Restrain I am going to call off the wedding. I don’t want to marry him.

They’ve called off the wedding.

She decided to call off their engagement.

In case of rain the picnic will be called off. 

We had to call off the party because of her health.

Air india Pilots call off strike.

Please Call off your dogs.

cast off   To Discard or Reject(Not Useful) / To let go or set free Alexandra looked plump and awkward in her cast off clothing.

She cast off her clothes and jumped into the pool.

Wears the worst collection of cast off clothing you’ve ever seen?

The ship was scheduled to cast off. 

He cast off the line and the boat drifted from the dock.

Check off  To Mark with a Tick / To Deduct directly from an employer’s Pay Once you have checked off the items you ordered, put this record in your file.

 She checked off their name as they arrived.

The employer agrees to automatic check off of all union dues and assignments as a condition of employment.

 Chock off To Restrict or Control  Treasure borrowing of existing savings would drive up the interest rate and chock off economic activity.

A sustained drop in prices that can choke off growth.

Higher interest rates are choking off the real estate boom.

Throughout the debate the congressman had to be chocked off to give the other candidate a chance to speak.

Chop off  Remove by or as if by Cutting  Two of his finger were chopped off in the accident.

She chopped off her golden, waist-length hair.

They dragged him to the village square and chopped his head off.

 Clear off To Leave / To Disappear / To go away She cleared off without saying a word.

Clear off or i’ll call the police!

We were warned to clear off before the floods came. 

When the smoke cleared off, we saw that the house was in ruins.

Let’s clear off after graduation.

I hope this fog clear off before meaning.

The boys told me to clear off.

Come off  To Happen / To Reach the End / To Succeed There was some sort of property deal that didn’t come off.

It was a good try but it didn’t quite come off.

I tried telling a few jokes but they didn’t come off.

I always come off worse when we argue.

Her speech came off very well.

The end of the Novel just doesn’t come off.

Will anything come off income tax in the budget ?

The trip came off on schedule.

This model is doomed to come off second-best.

 Cook off A Cooking Competition This time, a chowder cook-off will be held on Saturday.

They could do a better job in publicizing the chili cook-off.

She also realises her cooking potential by winning a cook-off by selling gol gappas.

Cool off Become quit or Calm / Grow Less Fast After the fight both man need to cool off.

Cool off the carrots quickly.

May be She’s trying to cool off out there in the rain.

wait until he cools off before you talk to him again.

When She cooled off I spoke sweet reason.

They were completely in love in the beginning, but i think it’s starting to cool off now.

The stock market has cooled off after hitting new highs last week. 

 Cordon off Prevent people from entering or leaving it, Usually by forming a line or ring.  Police cordoned off part of the city center.

They’ve cordon off the whole area because of a suspected bomb.

The police cordoned everything off.

The police cordoned off the area where the gunman was.

Cordon off a few key machines and the assembly line cannot function.


Cut off  To Separate from Others / Stop the Supply /   They were cut off from the rest of the Army. 

Mrs Trumph cut off a generous piece of the Meat.

He threatened to cut my hair off.

She was cut off from her Family.

20 March is the cut off date for applications to be accepted.

I was cut off in the middle of the Telephone call.

The US has announced a cut off of military aid to the country.

They’ve cut off our supplies of coal.

Dash off  To Write Quickly / To Leave Hastily She dashed off a Letter to her Lawyer.

She dashed off a couple of Novels.

I am just going to dash off a letter.

I must dash off now. 

He dashed off to lunch at the Hard rock cafe.

They dashed off to paris for a couple of days.

 Day off  A Day when you are not required to work Shruti always used her day off to do errands.

I usually catch up with housework on my day off.

It’s my day off Today.

It was Sophie’s day off, and Paul was on duty in her place.

There’ll be no days off until we’ve completed this order.

I’ll ask for day off, but i don’t know whether i’ll get it.

Die off  To Die quickly in large number / To undergo a Sudden, Sharp decline in Population of Animal, Plants etc. Herds off cattle were dying off because of the drought.

Her friends are dying off.

The die off of the dinosaurs.  

The generation that fought in the war are all dying off.

In the acute from the larger portion of the flock may die off within a week.

 Doze off Fall into a Light Sleep or Intermittently, especially during the Daytime  The office was so hot I nearly dozed off at my desk.

I closed my eyes for a minute and must have dozed off.

She dozed off during the film.

Shruti dozed off while her mother was reading to her.

Do not go doze off in the middle of the meeting.

Love is to allow the beloved to doze off under a shade in a summer afternoon. 

Drift off   To gradually start to sleep This will help you relax and encourage you to drift off.

Just two tablets at bedtime will help you gently drift off.

Turn on soothing music before you drift off to sleep.

As we drift off, the body changes its temperature and breathing patterns.

I would often drift off to sleep there with them.

I couldn’t help drifting off in the middle of that lecture – it was so boring! 

Drive off To Leave or go Away in a car etc. / To Keep Away She got into a van and drove off.

We keep dogs in the yard to drive off intruders.

John was now preparing to drive off from the first tee.

The cows were twitching their tails to drive off the flies.

How can I drive off the feelings of sadness?

TV helps people to kill time and drive off their loneliness.

They had to use tear gas to drive off the rioters.

Drop off To fall asleep / To Decrease (decline) I must have dropped off to sleep.

When I looked at Grandma, she had dropped off.

The demand for mobile phones shows no signs of dropping off.

The recession caused sales to drop off.

The daily toll of casualties has dropped off sharply.

Sales dropped off in the fourth quarter.

The number of students in this course dropped off after the first test.

Dust off   To Restore to Use / Remove dirt It’s time to dust off the old chemistry books and start studying.

I’m going to dust off my designing skills and try to get a job in the design department.

Use loose powder to set your makeup, dusting the excess off with a brush.

Prepare to dust off your old jokes.

Dust off your dancing shoes as we have the competition for you.

I’ve dusted off last year’s menu for the party.

look at the strips of paper to keep the dust off his precious books. 

Face off To stand opposite an opponent in Sport games / To Compete The two teams are in position, ready to face off.

The two candidates will face off in a televised debate on Friday.

Congress faced off against the President

Today, in the final group match, India will face off against Australia.

You must face off the casting.

List of Words Ending with OFF

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