Engage Meaning – To Be Involved In Something

(ɪn.ɡeɪdʒ) Engage Meaning (vb)

Engage Meaning in Hindi:- (व्यस्त रखना / संलग्न होना / सगाई में बंधना / वचनबद्ध करना)

Meaning in English:- Occupy, attract, or involved in something or with someone

Engage Synonyms- employ, affiance, interlock, capture, captivate, occupy, contract

Engage Sentences

E.g- 1. I have no time to engages in the debate.

2. She is engaged with him.

3. He can sure engages the audience.

4. This story engaged my interest.

5. She tried to engage him in conversation.

6. Some are actively engaged in crime

7. China is engaging in a massive military buildup.

8. The vast majority of the victims are civilians who were not engaged in violence.

9. We want people to engage according to their capacity.


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