Conquer Meaning – Gain The Love, Admiration, Or Respect

(kɑːŋkər)Conquer Meaning(vb.)

Conquer Meaning in Hindi:- (जीतना / विजयी होना / अधिकार करना)

Meaning in English:- to take control of land or people using soldiers / Successfully overcome (a problem or weakness) / Climb (a mountain) successfully / Gain the love, admiration, or respect.

Conquer Synonym- checkmate, vanquish, beat, frustrate

Conquer Meaning with Sentences

E.g- 1. She has finally conquered her fear of Cockroach.

2. He conquered bike racing.

3. They conquered all their enemies.

4. He finally conquered his drug habit.

5. Militants believed they would conquer Paris, Rome, and Washington.

6. I think Elizabeth herself infused her own myth with this idea of youth, that youth conquers all.

7. They are aiming to conquer the business and set up a new life together.

8. Curling also represents another frontier conquered by data.

9. Weak defenses allowed Japan to conquer the Philippines, Guam and Wake Island in weeks.

10. His mother became the first woman to conquer Everest.

11. citizens need to use his votes to conquers the dividers.

12. The first surveillance capitalists also conquered by declaration.


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