Conscious Meaning – To Do Something In A Careful & Responsible Way

(kɑːnsəs)Conscious Meaning(Adj)

 Conscious Meaning in Hindi:- (सचेत / जागरूक / जाग्रत)

Meaning in English:- To do something in a careful & responsible way

Conscious Synonyms- Aware, Awake, Alert, Responsive, Sentient, Compos 

Conscious Meaning with Sentences

E.g- 1. Teenagers are very fashion conscious, especially girls.

2. She was conscious of the fact that everyone was staring her.

3. At a conscious level, I was quite satisfied with my life.

4. when you go to sleep it is only the consciouss mind which shuts down.

5. Is the patient consciouss yet ?

6. I made a consciouss decision to wear my uniform for the race.

7. Her vibrato is a consciouss expressive choice rather than a tic.

8. It was a consciouss decision in some of these moments of great tenderness

9. Was that a consciouss choice to let the moment speak for itself?

10. Firefighters say Simpson was consciouss when he was pulled from the wreckage.


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