Disparity Meaning – A Great Difference

(dɪs.pæ.rati)Disparity Meaning(n.)

Disparity Meaning In Hindi:- (असमानता / विभिन्नता)

Disparity In English:- That’s means difference between things in away we can realize / a great difference.

Disparity Synonym- Inequality, Imbalance, Distinction, Gap

Disparity Sentences

E.g-1.  the growing disparitys between rich and poor.

2. We are still seeing a disparitys between men’s and women’s salaries.

3. The racial disparity in poverty rates has narrowed.

4. The disparities in access are really quite striking.

5. This report highlighted stark racial disparities in the prison population.

6. I’m worried that the disparity in aspirations might be an issue in the future.

7. Google said it found disparities in its job offers.


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