Saline Meaning – Anything Having To Do With Salt

(seilain) Saline Meaning (Adj)

Saline Meaning In Hindi:- (खारा / नमकीन)

Saline In English:- Anything having to do with salt / containing salt

Saline Synonym:- Briny, Brackish, Salty

Saline Sentences

E.g-1. Wash the lenses in saline solution.

2. The doctor had injected a saline solution into the Patient’s blood vessels.

3. The Red and the Mediterranean seas are also growing more saline.

4. Environmentalists claim the highly saline water discharged from desalination plants could harm marine life.

5. Most women choose silicone gel-filled implants, which are considered more natural looking than saline implants.

6. He did not mix the ink with any saline.


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