Concubine Meaning – A Woman Who Lives With A Man As A Mistress


(उपस्त्री / रखैल / उपपत्नी)

A mistress. / A woman who lives with a man as a mistress but has lower status than his wife or wives. / A woman who lives with a man and having sexual relationship without being married to him.

Synonym- Mistress, lover, Hetaera, Paramour, Courtesan, Kept woman

E.g-1. She was the only one forced to assume the pose of courtesan and concubine.

2. Pretty girls were often forcibly taken as wives or concubines.

3. They were the daughters of my father’s concubines.

4. King Solomon was renowned not only for his wisdom and wealth but also for his 700 wives and 300 concubines!

5. Your father respects me no more than he does his latest concubine.

6. The secondary wives of the king ranked above the concubines.

7. He sold his concubine to a neighboring family, and peace was restored in the house.

8. He might marry a secondary wife, or concubines.

9. The king had 20 wives and 50 concubines.

10. Times are different now, no one would be willing to be a concubine!


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