Courtesan Meaning – A Prostitute Who Sells Her Services To Noblemen

(kor.tɪ.zæn / ko.ti.zan)Courtesan(n.)

(गणिका / वेश्या / रंडी)

A prostitute who sells her services to noblemen, but also to a nobleman’s mistress. / A prostitute, especially one who having sex with wealthy or upper-class (high-status) clients./ a woman who had sexual relationships with rich and powerful men for money.

Synonym- Prostitute, Courtesan, Paramour, Whore, Concubine

E.g-1. She was the only one forced to assume the pose of courtesan and concubine.

2. “There was another profession open to me and that was a courtesan’, she said.

3. They think everything is going to be fine when one of the daughters is chosen to be a royal courtesan.

4. A girl is sold to a courtesans house in early 20th-century Shanghai.

5. A beautiful courtesans was my teacher for a long time.

6. Paris runs over with lost women and courtesans of all degrees.

7. As young girls they acted as musicians or dancers at the banquets of the men, and as they developed into womanhood they entered upon their careers as regular courtesans.

8. I am a princess and a courtesan, and the fairest woman that ever be.

9. The fair courtesans then became the wife of the king.

10. This woman was apparently one of the grand courtesans of Venice.


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