Gigolo Meaning – A Young Man Paid By Woman To Be Her Escort

(ʒɪɡəloʊ / ziga.lou)Gigolo(n.)

(पुरुष वेश्य / ऐसा पुरूष जिसका पेशा स्त्रियों के साथ नाचने का हो / वृद्ध स्त्री पर आश्रित पुरुष)

A man who has sex with and is supported by a woman. / a young man paid or financially supported by an older woman to be her escort or lover / A man providing sexual services to the woman in return for payment.

Synonyms- Playboy, Call boy, Male Escort, Toy boy

E.g-1. “From this day onwards, you have to be my gigolos for three months,” she said.

2. The Shady Lady was celebrated last year as the first of its kind to employ a male gigolo.

3. Did the footballer really work as a gigolos for a while?

4. She was married to a London gangster and after him, she married an American gigolo.

5. The handsome guy beside the noble lady turned out to be her gigolo.


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