Procrastinate Meaning – To Delay or Postpone Needlessly

(proʊˈkræstɪneɪt / pro.kræs.ti.neyt)Procrastinate(vb.)

(टालना / आजकल करना / देर करना)

keep delaying or postpone to doing something that must be done, usually something that you do not want to do because it is unpleasant or boring. / To delay or postpone needlessly

Synonyms- Delay, Dawdle, Defer, Postpone, Loiter

E.g-1. It helps you learn to manage your work, I don’t really procrastinates anymore.

2. He procrastinated the matter until it was almost too late.

3. One option is to forgive yourself in the moments you procrastinate.

4. “When I was schoolteacher, I used to procrastinates by reading and writing romances,” she said.

5. Why do you always procrastinate! You’ll never get anything done that way!

6. This is another reason why you shouldn’t procrastinates in filing your return.

7. She got stuck and began looking for ways to procrastinate.

8. this election is too important to procrastinates until the voter guides are released.

9. We procrastinates on tasks that we see as boring or less meaningful.

10. Never leave anything till last minute, do not procrastinates it won’t do anything to benefit you.

11. A masked militant warns Canada and the USA that the three remaining hostages would be killed “if you procrastinate once again”.

12. Let yourself procrastinate for five minutes but set the timer.

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