Fart Meaning – Emit Wind From The Anus.

(faa.(r)t / fa:rt / fa:t)Fart(vb.)

(पादना / गुदा से वायु छोड़ना / पाद छोड़ना / अपान वायु)

Emit wind from the anus.

Synonyms- Wind, gas, vapors, Flatus

E.g-1. It smells like farts if you open your window.

2. The twins say that it looks like I’m farting cotton.

3. What happens if somebody farts in the closet?

4. People seem to be genuinely interested in farts.

5. how were scientists testing whether these animals farted?

6. Get ready to hear about the fart that woke me up last night.

7. Somebody farted in the elevator.

8. I still think farts are some of the funniest things.

9. My farts smell like fresh baked organic blueberry muffins. 

10. Winger responded by lifting up her skirt and farting in her face.

11. His farting in front of me is very disrespectful and if you really cared to impress a girl you wouldn’t do this?

12. I consider farting to be a side effect of healthy living.

13. Man who farts in the church must sit in his own pew.

14. He would fart directly in my face when I was sitting on the floor.


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