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International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

about icao international civil aviation organization
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Established:- 4 April, 1947
Headquarter:- Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
Head:- Secretary-General (SG)
Type:- Specialized Agency of United Nations
Official Language:- French, Russian, English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic
Member:- 193 (192 UN + Cook Islands)
Parent Organization:- United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
Website:- www.icao.int


#ICAO plays a crucial role in Aviation industry by supporting and enabling a ‘Global air transport network that meets or Surpasses the Social and Economic development and broader Connectivity needs of global Businesses and Passengers’

#ICAO’s primary role in Aviation industry is to enhance Global Civil Aviation safety by effectively implementing the Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP).


Comprised of all member states
Meets at Least in every 3 Years
Elects States into the Council
Examines and takes action on reports from the Council
Approves Amendments to the Chicago Convention.


Consist of 36 Member States Elected by the Assembly
Elections held every 3 years
Submits Annual reports to the Assembly
Produces SARPs
Adopts Standards and Recommended practices concerning air Navigation, Its Infrastructure, Flight Inspection, Prevention of Unlawful Interference, and Facilitation of border-crossing procedures for International Civil Aviation.


#ICAO was established to promote cooperation and “Create and Preserve friendship and understanding among the nations and peoples of the world”.

#Articles are Rules each member should follow.

#ICAO has 96 Articles of Chicago Convention.

#If the Convention is Contravened, then ICAO doesn’t have enforcing powers, but it Can publish concerns in Adults available to other States, and Can suspend a state’s voting powers in the Assembly and council.

#Annexes are Standards And Recommended Practices (SARPs)

#ICAO is Responsible for Coordinating and Regulating International air Travel.

#ICAO formed in Chicago Convention 1944 to manage the Administration and Governance of the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

#54 countries signed to establish Provisional International Civil Aviation Organization (PICAO) in Chicago convention 1944.

#ICAO aims to Planning & Development of Air transport to ensure safe and orderly growth of aviation.

#ICAO was created with a vision to ‘achieve the sustainable growth of the global civil aviation system’.

#Primary mission is to serve the global forum of states for international civil aviation.

#ICAO Formerly established as International Commission for Air Navigation (ICAN) in 1903 and continued to function till 1945.

#ICAO also develops policies and standards undertakes compliance audits, performs studies and analysis, 

#Albert Roper was the first Secretary General of ICAO.

#ICAO Codifies the Principles and Techniques of International Air Navigation and Fosters the Planning and Development of International Air Transport.

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