Check Off Meaning – To Mark With A Tick

Word – (chek.o:f) Check off meaning

(Phrasal verb)

Check off meaning in Hindi – चेक करो / जांच बन्दि / चेक करना / सही का निशान लगाना

Check off meaning in English – To Mark with a Tick / to mark names or items on a list as correct or as having been dealt with)

Synonyms- Check, Mark, mark off, Notice, Verify, tick off

E.g-1. Once you have checked off the items you orders, put this record in your file.

2. She checked off their name as they arrived.

3. The employer agrees to automatic check off of all union dues and assignments as a condition of employment.

4. The item was something she never checked off her bucket list

5. That’s his next item to check off on his career goals.

6. Agency officials still check off every step, but the approach is regarded as more efficient.

7. The race a person checks off on a form is a crude biological measure.

8. Nature walks where you check off birds or bugs.

9. My bucket list was mostly checked off and I was bored.

10. A new search function lets you check off which specific ingredients you don’t want in your food.

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