Cast Off Meaning – Something, That Is No Longer Wanted

Word –  Cast off meaning

(phrasal verb)

Pronunciation – (kɑː / kæst.oːf)

Cast off Meaning in hindi – (डालना / निकाल देना / फेंक देना / त्याग देना / बन्द करना)

Cast off Meaning in English – To Discard or Reject (cause of not useful) / To let go or set free / something (especially a garment), that is no longer wanted.

Synonyms – Throwaway, Discarded, Drop

E.g-1. Alexandra looked plump and awkward in her cast off clothing.

2. She cast off her clothes and jumped into the pool.

3. Wears the worst collection of cast off clothing you’ve ever seen?

4. The ship was scheduled to cast off.

5. He cast off the line and the boat drifted from the dock.

6. I am not going out in her cast-offs!

7. Divorce happened, but most often the husbands were the ones casting off their partners.

8. This time Ms. Warner seems to be casting off maternal imagery.

9. Others say schools are too quick to cast off students to avoid lawsuits and bad publicity.

10. Casting off the evil-eye using lemon.

11. Maybe in April I will get my body cast off?

12. He rose quickly as though to cast off some entangling danger.

13. Police help poor village cast off shit name.

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