Call Off Meaning – To Decide That Something Will Not Happen

(kol.o:f)Call off(p.vb)

(बहलाना / रोकना / रद्द करना / वापस बुलाना)

To cancel or Postpone / To Restrain / To stop attacking someone or something. / to decide that something will not happen

Synonym- Cancel, Desist, Postpone, break off

E.g-1. I am going to call off the wedding, I don’t want to marry him.

2. They’ve called off wedding.

3. She decided to call off their engagement.

4. In case of rain the picnic will be called off.

5. We had to call off the party because of her health.

6. Air india Pilots call off strike.

7. Please calls off your dogs.

8. The search was called off a year ago.

9. James recently asked to calls off the investigation.

10. The president was right to calls off the infrastructure meeting.

11. The search was called off for the night and will resume in the morning.

12. Classes in the school district were called off Monday in response to her death.

14. Rescue efforts were called off after more than three hours of searching.

15. If you hear them ringing the bells, calls off the attack.

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