Buy Off Meaning – Pay To Get Rid Of A Claim or Opposition

bai.o:f / bah.yeee.o:f)Buy off(p.vb)


To bribe / Pay to get rid of a claim or opposition / pay someone with influence in order to receive a favour.

Synonym- Bribe, Pay off, Make a deal, Influence.

E.g-1. They tried to buy the guard at the bank off but he told the police and the gang was arrested.

2. He was caught to trying to buys off the opposing candidate.

3. Policies designed to buys off the working-the working class vote.

4. It’s not difficult to buys off a magistrate

5. Maybe you need to buy off wealthier voters to secure their support for helping the poor.

6. A small group of sample dresses may be bought off the rack.

7. Guzman used his wealth to buy off politicians, police chiefs, soldiers and judges, Mexican prosecutors say.

8. I wasn’t going to be bought off that easily.

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