Choke Off Meaning – To Prevent Or Limit Something

Word – (chok.o:f) Choke off meaning

(Phrasal verb)

Choke off meaning in Hindi- अवरुद्ध होना / रोक लगाना / बंद गला घोंटना / किसी प्रयत्न से विरत करना

Choke off meaning in English – To Restrict or Control / to prevent or limit something / to interrupt something; to stop something.

Synonyms- Hamper, Impede, Foul, Clog, Detain

E.g-1. Treasure borrowing of existing saving would drive up the interest rate and choke off economic activity.

2. A sustained drop in prices that can choke off growth.

3. Higher interest rates are choking off the real estate boom.

4. Throughout the debate the congressman had to be chocked off too give the other candidate a chance to speak.

5. Her heart jumped into her throat and choked off a whimper.

6. All this means that white hatred is the harder bigotry to choke off.

7. The agency also says the violence in the port city of Hodeida threatens choking off essential aid.

8. This kind of price control chokes off private markets.

9. Management does not want labor law to choke off communications with workers.

10. Struggling banks choked off credit to their national economies, deepening recessions.

11. Such a move would choke off growth and probably plunge Turkey into recession.

12. Sometimes her tongue will fill up the back of her throat and choke off her breathing.

13. The choking off of any democratic development was unfortunate and sad.

14. Nano-robots choke off the blood supply in solid tumors.

15. Let’s Choke Off the Enemies So They Will Never Live Again.

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