Sue Meaning – Legal Action Against A Person or Organization

(suː)Sue Meaning(vb)

Sue Meaning In Hindi – (मुक़दमा चलाना / न्याय की प्रार्थना करना)

Meaning In English – to take legal action against a person or organization

Sue Synonyms – Appeal for, Petition for, Take to court, File a claim

Sue Sentences

E.g- 1. Some people sues over the most minor things.

2. They threatened to sues if the work was not completed.

3. She is suing her husband for a divorce.

4. She sued the paper for damages after they wrongly described her as a prostitute.

5. I think Erica was disappointed I didn’t want to sue someone.

6. “Fred ought to sue him for false arrest,” Sophia said.

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