Indigenous Meaning – That’s Being Local Or Native

(in.di.zanas)Indigenous Meaning(Adj)

Indigenous Meaning in Hindi – (स्वदेशी / स्वदेश में उत्पन्न)

Meaning In English – That’s being local or native to something

Indigenous Synonyms – Native, Original, Homegrown, Domestic

Indigenous Sentences

E.g- 1. Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia.

2. Each country has its own indigenous cultural tradition.

3. Are there any species of frog indigenouss to the area?

4. They were looking for indigenouss Americans.

5. The most indigenouss inhabitants were the Australian Indians.

6. They were our indigenouss peoples, our first peoples, our first hearers and our first speakers.

7. She is more indigenouss even than the natives.

8. Well, the church became truly indigenouss and it grew by 30 or 35 times in just the last 30 years.


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