What Is Light Year & How Far Is It

one light year distance in km and miles

Light year is a Astronomical unit which is used to measure distance in space, measure in KM/Miles

ONE LIGHT YEAR (Distance) = 10 Trillion KiloMetre (A light travel in One Year)

Light Speed = 299,792,458  metre / second.  (Approx 3 Lakh KiloMetre Per second)

Light Travel = (Speed of Light) x (Time)

Light Travel (in One hours) =   1,079,252,848,800 Metre (Approx  107 Crore Kilometre / 1.07 Billion KM)

 (in 24 hours / in one day) = 25,902,068,370,000 Metre (Approx 2600 Crore KiloMetre / 25.9 Billion KM)

 (In 365 days / In a Year ) = 9,454,254,955,000,000 Metre (Approx 10 Lakh Crore KiloMetre / 10 Trillion KM)


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