Worthy Meaning – Adequate or Great Merit, Valuable

(wɜːrði / wer.di)Worthy Meaning(Adj)

Worthy Meaning in Hindi:- (योग्य, गुण सम्पन्न)

Worthy Meaning in English:- having adequate or great merit, valuable, honorable.

Worthy Synonym- decent, deserving, trustworthy, honest, valuable, aces, reliable, righteous

Worthy Sentences

E.g- 1. I know I am not worthy of her.

2. The bank might think you’re worthy of a loan.

3. He is worthy of our praise.

4. These issues are worthy of further consideration

5. This Dress is worthy of your love

6. if any of you disagree you are not worthys to hold it.

7. I wholeheartedly agree that caregiving is hard work worthys of government support.

8. She is worthys and valued as a darker-skinned woman.

9. I’m not saying the game was worthys of respect.

10. He finds a hidden hero worthys of highlighting.

11. Perhaps fewer than 10 teams are World Series worthys.

12. Do You Believe You are Worthys of the Calling?

13. The collection of old tin toys in the front windows is worthys of lingering inspection.

14. If intellect defines humanity, then the more intellectual a life is, the worthier it will be.

15. She learned that Viagra showed promising results in treating period pain, but this potential use was not pursued because it was not considered worthys of funding.

16. She’s always been trying to prove to her dad that she’s worthys.

17. We think this is a worthys step toward transparency and accountability.


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