Prowess Meaning- Expertise In A Particular Activity or Field

(pra.vas)Prowess Meaning(n.)

Prowess Meaning In Hindi – (कौशल / वीरता / साहस / दिलेरी)

Prowess In English – Skill or expertise in a particular activity or field / bravery in battle.

Synonyms – Expertise, Skill, Talent, Bravery, Daring, Boldness, Courage

Prowess Sentences

E.g- 1. He was famous for his prowesse as an athlete.

2. The Sikhs are famed for their prowesse in battle.

3. He is known for his prowesse on the football field.

4. He’s always boasting about his sexual prowess.

5. Shruti hangs her paintings on the wall to display her prowess in art.

6. Cavalry is unknown, and the battles are mainly decided by the prowesse of the Kings.


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