Refurbish Meaning – Redecorate And Renovate something


(नवीनीकरण / फिर चमकना)

To clean and decorate a room, building, product etc. in order to make it more attractive, and more useful / Redecorate and Renovate something, especially a building.

Synonym- modernization, Renovate, Redecorate, Rebuild, Upgrade, Rehabilitate, refurbish

E.g-1. With several Metro stations in Virginia set to close this summer during a refurbishing project.

2. Tap or click here for the best discounts on refurbished Apple gadgets and laptops.

3. Another 150 will be refurbished soon and 250 more new apartments built.

4. Are you looking for maximum value in a high quality refurbished laptop at minimum cost?

5. New and refurbished homes mix with older homes.

6. The teacher was instrumental in refurbishing the observatory.

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