Blast off Meaning – Launch with Great Force

(blæst)Blast off(p.vb)

(नष्ट करना / विस्फोट करना / धमाका करना / उड़ना)

launch with great force / launching of a rocket or spacecraft.

Synonym- Takeoff, Firing, Liftoff, Launch

E.g-1. An unmanned cargo rocket is scheduled to blasts off this week from Virginia’s coast to the International Space Station.

2. They’re betting the company will blasts off like Apple or Amazon.

3. There’s was a moment during recording when I suddenly felt like we were in a spaceship blasting off from Earth.

4. The rocket is scheduled to blast off at 6:37 p.m.

5. Now Jacob is free to blasts off somewhere creative.

6. Is old technology preventing your business from blasting off to the stars?

7. Great news that the pulverized coal injection plant is ready to blast off.

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