Design of Steel Structures (DSS) Study Notes PDF

Design of Steel Structures (DSS) Handwritten Color Study Notes PDF

steel structure handwritten notes

Design of Steel Structures (DSS), the most familiar and important subject of Civil Engineering branch and that what makes it mandatory for every student to have good understanding of all the concepts in it.

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Goal of Steel Structures Designs (DSS) Notes
Helpful Exam:
        B.E / Exams 

Targeted Exam:     Engineering Competitive Exams Like ESE / GATE  / FE (NCEES)

Topics covered in Design of Steel Structures (DSS) Handwritten Colored Notes PDF: –

(1) Introduction (mechanical properties, Classification of steel, Structural steel vs aluminum, permissible stress & deflection)
(2) Method of Design (working stress method, limit state design)
(3) Bolted Connection (rivet, bolted connection, types of bolt, Classification Specification, Failures of bolted connection, failures and strength of joint, butt joint, design of bolted joints eccentric bolted connection etc…)
(4) Welding Connection (welding classification, advantages, types of welds, moment free connection, design of butt or groove welds, eccentric weld joint etc…)
(5) Design of Tension Member (modes of failure, design of axially loaded tension member and lug angle, channel section as main member)
(6) Design of Compression Member (types of failure in CM, design compression stress of member, connecting system, design specifications, design of axially loaded compression member, analysis of strut, design of CM, Lacing and Battening)
(7) Column Bases & Column Splices (column base, design of slab base and gusset base, column splice)
(8) Design of Flexural Member (classification, lateral stability of beam, design criteria of beam)
(9) Design of Built-up beams (design of connection, plastic design of beams, design of built-up by LSM)
(10) Girders (plate girders, types of failures in PG, elements of PG, design of vertical stiffener and end bearing stiffener)
(11) Gantry Girder (types of sections)
(12) Roof truss (elements of roof truss, design of loads on roof truss, design of purlins, bracing in trusses, counter bracing)
(13) Plastic Analysis of Beam (assumptions in PA, plastic analysis of a section, collapse load for standard cases, calculation of collapse load by kinematic method, propped cantilever beam)
(14) Plastic Analysis of Frames (intro, problems)

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