Cringe – Suddenly Move Back In Fear of Something

(krinj) Cringe (Verb)

(चापलूसी करना, झुक कर प्रणाम करना, दण्डवत)

Suddenly move back slightly or Bend one’s head and body in fear of something that is unpleasant or frightening.
Syn- Cower, Quail, Quiver, Tremble, Flinch, wince

E.g- 1. We all giggled, but I cringed on the inside.

2. My mom cringed and said, “Is this really what you’re going to wear?”

3. There was one small tree cringing in front of the building.

4. Your foolish talk makes me cringe.

5. I cringe a little, but he’s speaking the truth.


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