Bonafide Meaning – Genuine or Real / Without Deception or Fraud

(bauna.faidi / boh.nuh.fahyd)Bonafide Meaning(adj)

Bonafide Meaning in Hindi – (प्रामाणिक / असली / वास्तविक / सद्‍भावी)

Meaning in English – Genuine or Real / not false / without deception or fraud / without intention to deceive

Synonyms of Bonafide:- Actual, Legal, Valid, Authentic, proper

E.g-1. The store is a bona fide cultural institution.

2. A long leather coat is another bona fide option.

3. Only bona fide members are allowed to use the club pool.

4. We are happy to donate to bona fide charitable causes.

5. There was a lot in the conversation about: who was the bona fide feminist?

6. There is no interest more weighty than a bona fide national security concern.

7. Bruce Willis was a TV star when “Die Hard” made him a bona fide movie star.

8. His teachers think he may be a bona fide math genius.

9. When was the last time you received a bona fide handwritten postcard?

10. The law requires a bona fide doctor-patient relationship, including an exam.

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