Wild Goose Chase Meaning – A Hopeless Quest

(waɪld.ɡuːs.cheɪs)Wild-Goose chase(n.)

(असंभव की खोज / असंभय वस्तु के लिए प्रयत्न)

A hopeless quest / Waste a lot of time in search of something that does not exist or is somewhere else.

Synonym- vain attempt, waste of time, wasted effort

Eg-1. I think you are going on a wild-goose chases.

2. Peter hoped fervently that they weren’t on a wild-goose chases.

3. Who wants to be enthusiastic on a wild-goose chases like this?

4. I don’t think anything is going to be solved by a wild-goose chase to Mars.

5. I would not see my client’s money wasted in such a wild-goose chases.

6. Why do you wish me to undertake this wild-goose chases?

7. Arya feels what Mr. Stark is doing is a wild-goose chases.

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