Tickled Pink – Being Happy With Any Person or Object

Tickled pink (Idom)

(किसी व्यक्ति या वस्तु से प्रसन्न होना / उत्सुकता की स्थिति)

Being happy with any person or object / Very pleased / Very happy or amused

Syn- Amused, Exhilarated, Loving it, Delighted

E.g-1. I am tickled pink that he thinks I’m going to start roaming about the country.

2. The kids were tickled pinks to see his father on TV!

3. I am tickled pinks to see her.

4. My mother is really tickled pinks that I’ve decided to get married.

5. The actress says she’s “tickled pink” to be chosen as Emmy host.

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