Optimistic Meaning – Hopeful and Confident About Future

(aapti.mis.tik)Optimistic Meaning(Adj.)

Optimistic meaning in Hindi – (आशावादी / आशावान)

Meaning in English – Hopeful and confident about future / Hoping and believing that good things will happen in the future

Synonyms of Optimistic – Hopeful, Confident, Sanguine, Expectant

E.g-1. Alex said he’s not optimistic about being counted.

2. Very serious things are happening, so it is hard to stay positive and optimistic.

3. I’m very positive, very optimistic, and I think we are in a very good place today

4. Despite not playing any grass-court warm-up tournaments she is optimistic about her fitness.

5. it was the most optimistic moment of our history, from my perspective.

6. Both parties said they are feeling optimistic about their chances in the general election.

7. She is optimistic that attitudes are changing.

8. He is optimistic about the future.

9. She is optimistic about her chances of winning a gold medal.

10. Despite all the difficulties, She still remains optimistic.


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