How to Use Better Vocabulary in Essay Writing

Writing is not a piece of cake compared to the times at junior schools when you had to write short essays (essay writing) without many requirements. Colleges, universities, and, of course, internships will need from you the utmost art, creativity, and objectivity. How to achieve it? Boost your vocabulary that will help you communicate better, and, occasionally, sound smarter. The more terms you are aware of, the higher chances to deliver your arguments properly. Let’s check how to use better vocabulary.

Building Excellent Vocabulary at Ease (essay writing)

If you want to become a better writer, your originality is only half of the deal. Yes, professors might increase your grade by overlooking the creative approach in your paper, however, poor language can spoil it all. The first tip which will greatly assist you is to refer to an essay writing service for getting custom-written papers online from academic experts. They are free and give students an opportunity to see how a professional paper should be written, and what vocabulary is present there. Then, you can also develop an understanding by checking online samples from Google. See how one or another writer manages to demonstrate their considerations on the topic. 

better vocabulary use in essay writing

Yet, how to build your vocabulary without third parties?

(1) Read More (essay writing)

Depending on your goals, such as studying progress, internship, and job, you should read the appropriate materials. For instance, essays will require a more academic approach with books of classic authors. From there, you will build a vocabulary with terms, beautiful language, and native authors’ expressions. If you study journalism or related specializations, reading magazines and newspapers will help familiarize you with typically journalistic terms, and grammar aspects especially aimed at hooking readers’ attention. While, if you are concentrated on running a social media page, other influencers’ accounts may greatly assist with text call-to-action statements.

(2) “Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of” Dictionaries

If you regularly read books and then have essays on them, you are most likely to require the assistance of dictionaries. It especially concerns the events when your essay is dedicated to one particular term, and you have to study it throughout. For instance, you may read materials using the Kindle app because there, by highlighting one word, you can directly get to know its definition. Otherwise, download such an app as Oxford Dictionary. You may think about how it will help you build a vocabulary. In simple terms, you have to create a list of terms, and other necessary words and keep that list as a crib note. By overlooking them regularly, you will memorize them.

(3) Make a Habit of Learning a New Word Everyday

You can do it alone just by reading books or by referring to such services as Merriam-Webster. They have a word of the day which you can memorize and then apply for your writing attempts. Another source is Collins. The same concerns mobile apps, which may remind you about new words with their screen widgets. After one month of practicing such learning, you will power your vocabulary with many new words.

(4) Play Games

There are two ways – organize an extra class with other students or play online. For instance, you can ask a professor to gather a group of students where they will learn and research new words for powering their essays with good vocabulary, while a professor will guide you with it. Or, create a chat in any messenger where students will share their new insights into an academic vocabulary. One student is assigned to a particular day when they will share one word and explain its definition.

(5) Create Flashcards

If possible, you can use sticky notes with necessary terms and beautiful words for your writing. You can allocate them across your desk or on the walls, and you will overlook them while completing your paper. One tip for smart students – do not try to overload your essay with many terms or rarely used words because they will simply distract a reader or professor from the key arguments.

(6) Go For New Words Conversations

Such an approach helps to again memorize the newly learned words for further usage in essays. If your friends or other students find it strange, ensure to explain to them why you speak one or another way. It concerns both eye-to-eye conversations and online communication with your pals. You will be surprised to understand that you help others to learn new vocabulary, so you can play a vital role in improving your professors’ impression of your group.

(7) Make a Stop-List of Words

One of the enemies of every student is filler words. They cannot be considered good vocabulary for any paper. Do one thing – overlook what words you use the most during one week or month, and find which does not sound good or classified as slang. Write them all down and practice avoiding them in your future work. Another assistant with them will be Grammarly. This service does not only correct your spelling, and grammar mistakes but also hints at wordy sentences and rare words that should be avoided.

(8) Research Synonyms (essay writing)

Let’s take as an example the word GOOD. There is nothing bad in using it, but overuse of it may greatly affect your grade. Refer to dictionaries of synonyms or online helpers, where it can be presented with a list of alternative words which will fit your essay context. It concerns not only GOOD but BAD, OKAY, and other popular filler words. 

Last but not the least tip for all students in building better vocabulary for English essays is word count compliance. Yes, by adding new vocabulary and showing your professors your dedication and knowledge in making something beautiful on paper, do not overload the work with words just to reach a word count. Some students add many descriptive words, hence, make their sentences very long. It does not all look good. If you still require some help, professional writing services may assist you with vocabulary as well, and fulfill all your requests regarding affordable essays.

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