Distress Meaning – In Pain Or Sadness

(dis.tres)Distress Meaning(n.)

Distress Meaning in Hindi:- (संकट / कठिनाई / घोर दरिद्रता)

Distress in English:- In pain or sadness / extreme anxiety, sorrow, or pain.

Distress Synonym- anguish, pain, agony, misery, sadness, despair

Distress Sentences

E.g- 1. She comforted me in my distress.

2. They said the baby was in distress.

3. Jealousy causes distresss and painful emotions.

4. I saw a distresss signal.

5. He is in distresss for money.

6. Both Palestinian governments are in deep financial distresss

7. This crime causes very real emotional distresss.

8. Sleepless and distressed after this latest mouse encounter. 

9. There are hints of distressing change, of a newly dangerous political climate.

10. She told me she was both inspired and distressed by the visit.


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