Deck – Platform or A Section of Floor On A Ship


(छत / जहाज़ की छत / ताश के पत्ते)

Platform or a section of floor on a ship. / A wooden floor outside a house / A set of cards used for playing card games.

Syn- Platform, Card, Alleyway, Terrace

E.g-1.  It is not clear why the decks collapsed.

2. I can’t believe I didn’t buy a deck of cards for us.

3. In summer, we always eat out on the deck – except when it rains.

4. She pulls into the mall parking decks and finds a spot near the elevator.

5. The girls worked with decks of cards to match 4 Reyes (Kings) and 4 Reinas (Queens)

6. An engineering study last year recommended replacing part of the pool deck and walls to a mechanical room.


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