Cross-dress Meaning – Wear Clothing of The Opposite Sex

(krɒs ˈdres / kras.dres) Cross-dress Meaning(vb.)

Cross-dress Meaning in Hindi:- (प्रतिजातीय वेश धारण करना / आपस में एक दूसरे लिगं के वस्त्र पहनना / एक दूसरे के वस्त्र पहनना)

Meaning in English:- Dress in the clothes of the other sex. / wear clothing typical of the opposite sex. / If someone cross-dresses, they wear the clothes usually worn by the opposite sex. / An art of Transforming self to someone else by look, but not by mind / to wear clothes normally associated with the opposite sex. / to dress in clothing typically worn by members of the opposite sex. / the practice of adopting the clothes or the manner or the sexual role of the opposite. / the activity of wearing clothes designed for the opposite sex)

Synonyms of Cross-dress:- Dress up, Get dressed, Shemale, Transvestite, Impersonate, female impersonate

Cross-Dress Meaning with Sentences

E.g-1. Nowadays cross-dressing is very much prevalent among young girls.

2. If they want to cross-dress, that’s fine.

3. Cross-dressing is far more common than we realize.

4. A lot of men cross-dress.

5. She also just may never quite enjoy your cross-dressing as much as you do.

6. She may not want to incorporate your cross-dressing into her own life, but she should be tolerant regarding your own expression.

7. Miss Vera’s Finishing School in NYC is the world’s first cross-dressing academy.

8. she spends most of her time identifying and dressing as a man, cross-dressing “part-time” and changing her pronouns along with her clothes.

9. Boy actors originally played the female roles, and cross-dressing was a staple of his comic plots.

10. They are just comfortable and happy when they cross-dress.

11. In Hinduism, gods transform into goddesses, or they cross-dress.

12. Some of my best friends are sentient, cross-dressing streets.

13. On an early date, Michael told Marcia about his penchant for cross-dressing.


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