Blow Off Meaning – Ignore It Or Choose Not To Deal With It

(bloʊ.o:f / bloh.o:f)Blow off(p.vb)

(दूर हो जाओ / फूँक मारकर उड़ाना)

To remove and destroy something by shooting it or making it explode / ignore it or choose not to deal with it / the action of emitting a gas, typically to reduce pressure to a safe level.

Synonym- fart, break wind, ignore, neglect, dismiss, avoid, ditch

E.g-1. If you blow off the dinner, the press will punish you, guaranteed.

2. A series of explosions blew off the house’s roof and left a crater in the concrete floor.

3. The suicide bomber’s blast was so powerful that it blew off much of the church’s roof.

4. A pressure cooker that might explode if he does not blow off steam.

5. I don’t think we can afford just to blow this off.

6. The type of girl who blew off studying and yet filled her favorite books with sticky notes.

7. I blew off the instructions just to see what would happen.

8. She took down a book and blew off the dust.

9. There are worse ways to blow off some cash.

10. I will never forget the smell of the forest or the cool breeze blowing off the lake.

11. Just blow off his comments, he’s only joking.

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