Why Antibiotics Are Ineffective Against Viruses?

Have you ever wondered that why antibiotics are ineffective against viruses? Why does they not kill viruses? How can we kill viruses? Let’s get the explanation of it properly.

why antibiotics ineffective against all viruses

About Antibiotics

Firstly, we should know about antibiotics. What does it mean? So, antibiotic word is made up of anti or biotics, anti means works against something and biotics means biology so antibiotics means chemicals against biology. They are very effective in killing bacteria. That are pathogenic bacteria causing infections inside the body. These are special type of chemical compounds which target the bacteria by either slowing down their growth so that the bacterial cell cannot multiply as fast as it can and slows down the rate of infection.

antibiotics for bacteria and virus infection

Or these antibiotics can be lethal to the bacterial cell, where they attack to the structure of bacteria cell so that it can kills the bacteria in the process and the bacteria is not able to spread infection further inside the body. Antibiotics are the range of chemicals that have different functions.

Functions of Antibiotics

Some antibiotics functions against by attacking the cell wall of bacteria, and they inhibit the production of bacterial cell wall. Where during this cell division during cytokinesis the bacterial cell unable to form and even after the multiplication the bacterial cells are unable to separate and the cell dies. This also weakens the structure of bacteria and renders it ineffective in causing infection. Some antibiotic attacks the site of transporter proteins that are present on the cell bacterial. these proteins allow the nutrients and gases to enter inside the bacterial cell where as it allows the toxins and waste to leave the bacterial cell. Antibiotics can block these transporters which are present on the bacterial cell wall. By this, nutrient cannot enter the cell. Toxins that are waste and harmful to the bacteria cannot leave the bacterial cell and cell starves and it dies.

functions of antibiotics affect on bacteria Some antibiotics functions against by attacking the cell wall of bacteria, and they inhibit the production of bacterial cell wall.

Some antibiotics can directly attack the genetic material of bacterial cells.

They can bind to the DNA that is bacterial DNA and can cause mutation in it sometimes it leads to breaks in the bacterial due to the attack of antibiotics. The cells cannot multiply or dive its DNA and it dies.

Some antibiotics attacks the translators of the cell that are the ribosomes.

Ribosomes are required to form proteins inside the bacteria and by breaking the ribosomal machinery proteins are not able to form inside the bacterial cell. The bacterial cell cannot make protein and dies in the process. Antibiotics also have special property in them. The antibiotics only harms the bacterial cell and does not cause any harm to the human cells. but what about the viruses? why antibiotics cannot kill viruses? what ‘s the reason behind it?

Why Antibiotics cannot Kill Viruses? 

Now we will study about the Virus. Virus functions by first entering into the human cell for it cause the infection so after attaching the human cell membrane, the viruses are able to enter inside. where the viruses use the resources of the host cell or the human cell to multiply themselves. they use protein Manufacturing machinery of the cell to form he outer structure of the virus and this leads to multiple copies of viruses produce inside the host cell. As antibiotics cannot harm the human cell, they are also ineffective against the viruses because the viruses infect the human cells by entering into them. But during viral infection antibiotics weaken the immune system because they attack the natural flora of the body and the body ‘s resident bacteria are killed in the process which are helpful or maintaining immunity.

virus genome into bacterial cell

Antiviral drugs 

To combat the viruses, they are special compounds that are manufactured which are called as antiviral drugs. These antiviral drugs also function through different mechanisms. there are specialized chemicals that are designed to kill viruses. some antiviral drugs are bind to the spike proteins or the outer proteins of the viruses and by binding to them, viruses are not able to attach to the host cell membrane and are not able to enter inside.

Some antiviral drug can attach to the genetic material that is the DNA or RNA inside the viruses. This attachment allows the viruses to remain in a packed form and not release its genetic material inside the host cell which makes it ineffective in causing diseases. Other antiviral drug directly binds to the viral genetic material that is present inside the cell and causes mutations and breaks inside the viral genetic material and disturb the viral genetic replication inside the host cell so the genetic material cannot replicate inside the host cell.

antiviral drug

Now I hope you understand that why antibiotics are ineffective against viruses. and the reason behind this. as you now these days covid-19 are spread everywhere. But do you know that how the covid-19 is transmitted? Let’s study about it.

How the Covid-19 is Transmitted?

The new SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19 corona virus, which was first outbreak in Wuhan,  China. It is highly contagious virus, which can be transmitted by one human to other human. It can be spread by air droplets in the air or by touching, sneezing, coughing. Covid-19 can also be spread by touching the surface on which virus is present, followed by contact with eyes, nose, mouth. it can’t be transmitted by water. the only prevention is stay away from infected person, cleansing your hands, use mask, and don’t come in a contact with infected person, Maintain your hygiene etc.

sars cov 2 covid 19 virus structure

You can treat this by taking antibiotics, boost your immune system and take proper diet or food. Because its mostly affects the immune system of the body. That’s why you need to boost or make stronger your immune system. So, it can be possible only when you take proper diet or food in your routine. cause for now There is no particular medicine for this virus. But yes, now covid-19 vaccine is available. So, it would be good if you are vaccinated. It would not affect the vaccinated person. If in case, vaccinated person will be affected from corona virus. It would not be harmful that much. So now I hope you get proper information about antibiotics, bacteria or viruses. And how does it affect our body.

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