What is smart TV ? Some cool Features & Benefits of Smart TV

what is smart tv and its features and benefits

Smart TV is the integration of the content being offered through the internet, i.e. one such TV that show programs through the internet. It also has an option of social networking. Content from the Internet is delivered through the modern TV set and Set-Top Box and Then the ordinary TV becomes smart and if your smart TV’s OS is Android then you can also take advantage of many more features in it.

For example, not only you can download latest applications in it, rather you can also playing DVD players without DVD players and even You can also transfer files without wire.

Let’s Know…

Install The Additional Apps

  • If you do not have Android OS in Smart TV, then you can not access the Google Play Store.
  • But additional applications can be added to the TV.
  • For this, Open this link in your TV browser  aptoide.com  and Install Free Third-Party App Store, named Aptoide.
  • Here are several apps that can be downloaded directly.


Apps Also Can Be Installed From USB

  • Side loading means that you can install or Transfer installable files with the help of USB Drive.
  • For this, download APK (Android Installer) files. Visit this link apkmirror.com  to see the APK files and copy it to the USB drive and plug in the TV.

APK Mirror

Connect Bluetooth Accessories

  • Almost all Smart TV has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth and mostly SMART TV supports  Bluetooth accessories (Bluetooth wireless, headphones, keyboards and mouse).
  • If you do not want to disturb others while watching TV, then Bluetooth  Headphones are a good option.

bluetooth accessories

Streaming Of OTT Content

  • With the help of Inbuilt Chromecast in Android Smart TV, you can stream the content from your smartphone or computer.
  • To stream content with WiFi or Ethernet connectivity, this can easily be done with the help of free app called Plex (plex.tv) or Cody (kodi.tv).



Wireless File Transfer

  • Open Properties after creating a new folder on the computer.
  • Now click on the share button, and add them which you want to share with this folder.
  • Open the ES Explorer on Smart TV by choosing ‘Read Only’ in ‘Permission settings’.
  • On selecting LAN in the Directory menu, the shared folder will appear.
  • All files which are present here, copy on the TV.

sharing in smart tv

Can Watch Digital DVD

  • To see Digital DVD, Can convert it to Digital Files, but this is a difficult task.
  • To make it easy, some portable DVD Writers can be tried.
  • With the help of the feature present here, it can be viewed on those TV which has USB ports.
  • It differs from the common connection of Laptop-Desktop.

DVD in Smart tv

Increase Storage

  • External USB storage device or micro-SD card will be required To enhance the external memory of Android TV.
  • Then go to Settings > Storage > select Reset and then select Storage Devices.
  • Now click on ‘Setup Age Internal Storage’ and select Format at the end.
  • Now you will get the Increased storage of TV.

external storage in smart tv

Listen Live FM radio

  • If you have a Smart TV then you can play your favorite music and radio stations of talk shows except the old radio.
  • TuneIn App helps you for it.
  • You can also play your favorite podcasts By connecting iTunes or Google Play.
  • This is a good option for music.

live fm radio in smart tv

Hope, You’ve cleared all features and benefits of Smart TV…

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