United Nations Security Council Resolution, Veto

United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

un security council
United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Formation:- 1945
Headquarter:- New York City
Members:- 15 (5 Permanent + 10 Non-Permanent) Under Art 23.
Permanent Members:- China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States.
Non-Permanent Members:- Elected By UNGA for 2 years.
Presidency Term:- Changes every month Alphabetically.
Type:- Principal Organ of the United Nations (UN) under Art 7 of UN Charter.
Website:- un.org/securitycouncil/


@Elective Function:- UNSC play role to elects ICJ Judges under Art 4 & 8 of Statute of the ICJ. Secretary-General is appointed by the GA upon the recommendation of the UNSC under Art 97 of UN Charter.

@Supervisory Functions:- Suspend or restore the Rights & privileges of the member under Art 5 of UN charter.

@Constituent Functions:-
No amendment can be done in UN Charter without the recommendation of UNSC under Art 108 of UN Charter.

Veto (I forbid):-
It is the Special Power Used by permanent members to prevent the adoption of any “Substantive” resolution, Means If any Permanent member protest or Disagree on any Substantial resolution, the resolution will fail.


#Primary Responsibility to Maintain International Peace & Security under chapter 6&7 of UN Charter.
#Passed Resolution in UNSC called United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR).
#Chapter 5 Articles 23-32 of the UN Charter contains provisions of UNSC.
#UNSC is also called “Policeman of the World” as Proverb.
#UNSC Voting Procedure comes under Art 27 of UN Charter.
#Each member of the UNSC have one Vote.
#9 out of 15 affirmative votes required for a resolution passed on Procedural matters, but 9 out of 15 affirmative votes with 5 concurring votes of permanent members are required to pass a resolution on Substantial matters (All other matters).
#Resolutions Passed in UN Security Council will be Legally binding on all UN members under Art 25 of UN Charter.
#UNSC can impose Sanctions for peacekeeping and can also use armed force if the situation is not in under control to maintain International P&S.

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