Top 10 Tallest Trees In The World

Top 10 Tallest/Highest Trees In The World

top ten tallest trees in the world
Top 10 Tallest Trees In The World

 Explanation of Top 10 Tallest / Highest Trees In The World


Binomial Name- Eucalyptus delegatensis

Other Names: Woollybutt, White-top

Alpine Ash is a species of tree that is local to Southeastern Australia.

This tree grows to a height of 40-50m (130-16-ft) and sometimes 90m (300ft).

The Bark is rough, grey to black on the lower half of the trunk and on the upper half it is smooth white to greyish.

Flowers of these tress are white in color and usually grow between December and March.

The Tree spreads in grassy, deep-fertile soil, often on slopes. These trees require very high rainfall by Australian Standards over 1200 mm (47 inch) per year and snow or frosts during the winter months.

It is an important tree for the Timber industry.

These trees are found near Mt. Feathertop and other areas of high rainfall and elevation in Victoria, New Wales and Tasmania (Australia).

You can find the tallest Eucalyptus delegatensis located in Tasmania, its height is around 87.9 meters.

alpine ash or eucalyptus tree



Binomial Name- Abies procera

Other Names: Red Fir and Christmas tree.

The word Procera means tall. It is a western North American fir, native to the extreme northwestern California and Washington’s Cascade Range and Coast Range mountains in the United States.

This tree is a large evergreen tree that can go up to 70 m (130-230 ft) tall and 2 m (6.5 ft) in trunk diameter, it can rarely goes up to 90m (295ft) and 2.7m (8.9ft) in diameter.

The Bark is smooth and grey on young trees which becomes red-brown, rough on old trees.

The Leaves of these trees are needle shaped.

It grows at middle to high elevations under cool and moist conditions.

Noble Fir is a famous Christmas tree. Its wood is used in the manufacturing of Paper. It is also used for Decoration purposes, often used in Europe for making wreaths. If you want to see the examples of this species you can go to Diana’s Grove in the grounds of Blair Castle in Perth shire, Scotland.

noble fir tallest trees in the worl



Binomial Name- Eucalyptus globulus

Other Names: Neeminah Loggerale Meena, or Mother and Daughter

It is native to south-eastern Australia.

Blue gum is the most widely planted Eucalyptus family.

There are Four subspecies, where each species have a different distribution, occurring in South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

This Tree typically grows to a height of 45 m (148 ft) but sometimes can go to 70 m (230 ft).

The Color of this tree is of pale straw to brown, often with blue, grey.

The Bark is smooth white to cream colored.

The Flower buds are arranged single or in a group of three or seven. Flowering time goes different with different subspecies but the flowers are always white colored.

The Fruit is always a woody conical or hemispherical capsule.

Its Timber products are available and also suitable for Flooring, Furniture and a range of general construction applications. The hardness of this wood makes it an ideal flooring material for indoor sports centers and other venues. Other applications are Boat Building, Framing, Wagon Building, Handles, Piles, Sleepers, Wheel rims and Shafts.

Southern Blue Gum can be difficult to drill, but holes are usually very clean and to size. 

Eucalyptus globulus grows in tall open forest in south eastern Tasmania and to a lesser extent along the eastern coast of the state. It also grows on King and Flinders Islands in Bass Strait. The species has been widely planted in New Zealand, South Africa, South America, California, India, and Mediterranean countries, in farm windbreak, forestry and ornamental plantations.

It was featured on a 15 cent Stamp issued on 10 July, 1968 depicting state floral emblems. The stamp was designed by Dorothy Thornhill.

southern blue gum tree



Binomial Name- Eucalyptus viminalis

Other Names:  White Knight, Ribbon Gum, White gum or Viminalis

The Manna is the Koala tree.

This tree is found in the cooler areas of South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and the tableland district of New South Wales.

Its Height goes around 40 m (130 ft) with rough Bark on the trunk, Sometimes it can attain very large sizes.

A tree whose Diameter is 3.27 m (10.7 ft) is located at Woodbourne in Marlborough, New Zealand.

It has three Subspecies: Viminalis, Cygnetensis, and Pryoriana.

This tree is generally pale pink to pinkish brown Color.

Manna Gum is a moderately durable Timber. Though it is hard, manna gum timber is easy to work by hand or machine. Australians used to make Shields and Wooden Bowls from this wood. Its uses range from general construction to internal joinery, Furniture, Paneling, Flooring and Tool Handles.

The size, growth and habit of the tree may vary based on different locations and environments. For instance: It can be Low growing due to coastal exposure, a very tall high rainfall timber tree on the ridge, a Medium sized woodland tree in the Otway foothills and also a medium tree with a large, open, spreading crown on the Basalt Basin.

manna gum or eucalyptus viminalis tree



Binomial Name- Sequoiadendron giganteum

Other Names: Giant redwood, Sierra redwood, Wellingtonia.

Giant Sequoia is the World’s largest tree in total mass.

These trees grows naturally only in grove on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, United States.

Giant Sequoia grows to an average Height of 50-85 m (164-279 ft) with trunk Diameters ranges from 6-8 m (20-26 ft).

The oldest known Giant Sequoia is 3500 years old based on dendrochronology.

It has pointed, scale like Leaves that are usually blue-green or gray green in color.

The Bark is fibrous, initially grey, maturing to a cinnamon-brown color.

These trees grows in a conical shape when young and gradually develop a more rounded crown.

Giant Sequoia must be at least 20 years old before it will produce Cones. Male and female cone buds appear in October. The seeds may remain in the cone for about twenty years. It is one of the tallest trees of the world.

These trees generally grows in Alluvial soil or in glacial out-wash. They generally grow in the soil that has a pH between 5.5 and 7.5, performs best at pH 6.5. Both, extremely high temperatures and sudden freezes can damage the trees.

The wood from these trees are highly resistant to decay, but due to being fibrous and brittle it is not suitable for construction. The wood was used mainly for Shingles and Fence Posts, or even for Matchsticks. It is a very popular Ornamental tree in many areas. 

It is grown in most of western and southern Europe, Southeast Australia, New Zealand and Central- Southern Chile.

giant sequoia tallest trees of world



Binomial Name- Picea sitchensis

Other Names: Raven’s Tower

Sitka Spruce is a Large evergreen tree that grows to almost 100 m (330 ft) tall with a trunk Diameter that can exceed 5 m (16 ft).

Its name is taken from the community of Sitka in southeast Alaska, where it is prevalent.

Its range touches the western coast of Canada and continues into northernmost California.

The Bark is Thin and scaly, brown or purple grey and breaks up into small scales.

Leaves are Needle like light green to bluish-green and sharp.

Seed cones are red to yellow brown and hang from the crown.

It will grow on moist to wet mineral sites. Sitka Spruce is a light demanding species which means that it will not grow well in the shade or in an under-story. It grows along the coast in a narrow band from sea level to about 700 meters. It is most common along the coastal fog-belt and river and stream flood plains.

This tree is of major importance in forestry for timber and Paper production. It is an excellent Conductor of Sound that’s why it is widely used in Violin, Harp, Piano, and Guitar Making. The Wright Brother’s Flyer was built using Sitka Spruce and before that it was used in making Aircrafts during World War II. Its root is used in Native Alaskan basket-weaving designs.

Some coastal people ate the inner bark as a source of Vitamin C.

The natural home of these species is a narrow belt of the Pacific North West coast of North America, with its northwestern limit on Kenai Peninsula, Alaska and its southeastern limit near Fort Bragg in northern California. This is one of the few species documented to reach 91 m (299 ft) in height. Sitka Spruce has been introduced into Britain and northern Europe, where it is now grown widely.

sitka spruce tree



Binomial Name- Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii

Other Names: Doerner Fir, Oregon Pine

It is an evergreen tree local to western North America from west-central British Columbia, Canada southward to central California, United States. Coast Douglas Fir is the second taller conifer in the world (after Coast Redwood).

These trees gain a maximum Height of 100-120 m (330-390 ft) and Diameters up to 4.5-5.5 m (15-18 ft), which make it include in world tallest trees.

These trees lives nearly more than 500 years and occasionally more than 1000 years.

The Bark is thin, smooth, grey in younger ones, In mature trees it is thick and corky. The shoots are brown to olive-green that turns olive-grey-brown with age. Seed cones are 6-10cm long.

Two varieties of the Douglas-Fir species exist: First one is Coast Douglas Fir which grows in wet, coastal and inland areas from California up to Canada. This variety can grow up to 250 feet tall and reach 5-6 feet in diameter.

Secondly is Rocky Mountain Douglas-Fir which grows on cool, dry, Interior Mountain ranges from New Mexico up to Canada. This variety can grow up to 115-150 feet tall and reach about 3 ft in diameter.

Coast Douglas Fir is one of the World’s best Timber producers and harvests more timber than any other tree in North America. It is used for Building, Basketry, Medicinal purposes. Ailments were used to cure stomach aches, headaches and the common cold. It is extensively used in Landscaping. It is planted as a specimen tree. It is also a common Christmas tree.

coast douglas fir tallest trees in the world



Binomial Name- Eucalyptus regnans

Other Names: Centurion, Swamp Gum or stringy gum

It is local to Tasmania and the state of Victoria in southeastern Australia.

It is the third tallest tree and one of the tallest flowering plant in the World.

It normally grows to 85 m (280 ft) but the Centurion in Tasmania is 100.5 m (330 ft) tall.

Mountain Ash can live up to 500 years.

It is a straight trunked tree whose Bark is smooth grey black. The forests surrounded by these trees have been found to store more Carbon than any other forest.

The Flowers are produced in the bunch of 9-15 together, Flowers blossoms between January and May.

Mountain Ash grows mostly in cool, mountainous areas that receives rainfall over 1000 millimeters (39 inches). It’s not biggest but comes under world tallest trees.

It is a fast growing tree with mean height growth rates in young ranges from 1-2 m (3-6 ft), some can grow more than 2 m for the first 20 years. Slowly their growth rates goes down and becomes negative in old age.

Its timber is used in many different ways that’s why it is harvested in very large quantities. It is also grown in plantations in New Zealand and Chile, and to a limited extent in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

In 20th century these species were used for Newsprint. Much of the woodchip harvest is exported to Japan, where Gum veins are common.  Used in Furniture, Flooring, Paneling, Plywood, Window Frames and general construction. This wood is highly observed by builders, furniture makers and architects.

mountain ash tallest tree in the world



Binomial Name- Shorea faguetiana

Other Names: Menara, Shorea

These trees are found in Southeast Asia- Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia.

This tree is almost as tall as London’s Big Ben Clock tower.

Height of these trees are almost 97.58 m (320.1 ft) tall, which make it 2nd tallest trees in the world.

It is found in the Danum Valley Conservation Area, in Sabah on the island of Borneo. The known tree’s height is 100.8 m, However this number is the distance from top to the lowest part of the buttress. The exact height which is the average between the distance to the lower part of bole and the distance to the highest part of the bole is 97.58 m. The team that measured this height has named this tree “Menara”. This tree was measured on January 6, 2019.

The same height tree was also found in May 28, 2018. Its height is 96.9m (318 ft.) and is found in the Tawau Hills National Park on the island of Borneo, located some 24km from Tawau.

The Color of heart wood is light yellow or yellow brown, sometimes with greenish tints and darkening upon exposure to air. The wood is light in weight, soft moderately durable but susceptible to attacked by fungi and termites.

The wood work well with ordinary tools. The wood is uses for the purposes like interior joinery, Paneling, Furniture, Light Carpentry, and Flooring.

Shorea faguetiana is a plant of the moist tropical lowlands, usually found in areas with year-round rainfall. It is found in the wild on well-drained, clay soils.

yellow meranti tallest trees in the world



Binomial Name: Sequoia Sempervirens

Other Names: Hyperion, California Redwood

It is an evergreen, long-lived tree living 1200 to 1800 years or more.

These trees are one of the oldest living things on the Earth. Before 1850 this massive tree occurred naturally in an estimated 2,100,000 acres (850,000 ha) along coastal California and the Southwestern corner of coastal Oregon within the United States.

The tallest living species of this category is up to 379 ft (115.5 m) in Height without the roots and up to 29.2ft (8.9 m) in Diameter. It’s world tallest sequoia trees.

It has a conical crown, the bark can be very thick, up to 1 foot (30 cm) and soft, fibrous with a bright Red-Brown color. This is why it is called Redwood.

The Leaves are not defined it can be 15-25 mm long and flat on young trees. They are dark green above and have two blue-white stomatal bands below.

These trees usually grow in the mountains where there is heavy moisture, local area provides a good environment with heavy seasonal rainfall up to 1000 inches (2500 mm) annually.  Few redwood grows close to the ocean due to intense salt spray, sand and wind.  Coast Redwoods are resistant to insect attack, fungal infection and corrosion.

This tree is very valuable for the timber industry. Its timber is highly valued for its beauty, light weight and resistance to decay. Timber is used for Railroad ties. It is also used in Carpentry, and general construction as well as for Furniture, Shingles, Fence Posts and Paneling. Burls cut from the trunk are made into bowls, Trays, Turned articles and Veneer.

Heights of the tallest Coast Redwoods are measured by experts yearly. These are some of the tallest Sequoia Sempervirens:

Hyperion (Height- 115.85 m, Diameter- 4.84 m)

Helios (Height- 114.58 m, Diameter- 4.96 m)

Icarus (Height- 113.14 m, Diameter- 3.78 m)

Stratosphere Giant (Height- 113.05 m, Diameter- 5.18 m)  

National Geographic (Height- 112.71 m, Diameter- 4.39 m)

Redwood world tallest trees

Top ten tallest trees in the world


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