Isomerism (Isomers) of Organic Chemistry Notes PDF

Isomerism (Structural, Stereo) of Organic Chemistry Study Notes or Guide PDF For (Class 12)

structural Isomerism isomers study notes pdf

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Topics Include in Isomerism (Structural etc…) Organic Chemistry (Grade 12 / Class 12) Notes: 

– Isomers
– Structural Isomerism
– Metamerism
– Tautomerism
– Stereo Isomerism
– Conformations in Ethane
– Conformations in n-butane
– Configuration in Cyclic compound
– Geometrical Isomerism
– Configuration in GI
– E and Z configuration
– Optical Isomerism
– Chiral Carbon
– Representation of Tetrahedral
– Meso compound
– Enantiomers
– Diasteriomers
– Racemic mixture
– Resolution
– Centre of symmetry
– Substitute Allene
– Substituted Biphenyl

Physical View of (Isomerism) Organic Chemistry Notes 

Structural isomerism or isomers of organic chemistry


Isomerism or Isomers Study Notes PDF
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Isomerism or Isomers (Structural, Stereo, Geometrical, Optical etc…) topics of Organic Chemistry has been covered and very nicely organized with visually appealing handy notes! Students or teachers will definitely get to love these notes!

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