Strive Meaning – To Make Effort To Achieve Something

(straɪv)Strive Meaning(vb.)

Strive Meaning in Hindi:- (प्रयास करना / संघर्ष करना / झगड़ना)

Strive Meaning in English:- To make effort to achieve or obtain something

Strive Synonyms:- Struggle, Endeavor, Strain, Fight

Strive Sentences

Ex- 1. We must strive to do better.

                   2. She strove to write the name on the stone book.

        3. Shruti strives hard to keep perfectly fit herself.

4. I became an actor because I enjoy being moved, and therefore strive to move others.

5. “We will continue to strive for peace in Northern Ireland,” she said.

6. Isaacs strives for a place where talent is the only factor to decide who gets the job.

7. “We do not want to isolate Russia, We strive for better relationship with Russia,” Stoltenberg said.

8. Researchers suggest striving for seven to eight hours of shut-eye a night.

9. Let’s strives to evaluate qualifications based on facts and not assumptions.

10. The new show also strives to reflect a broader swath of experiences.

11. We also strived to open the process to the public.

12. People are ready to strives for something better.

13. I always strives to treat people with respect and kindness.


Strive meaning in english and hindi with Synonyms and Sentences


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