Gritty – Containing or Covered With Small Particles


(किरकिरा / रेतीला / कुरकुरा / अप्रिय)

Containing or covered with small particles(sandy, stone etc..) / willing to face danger / showing or having a lot of unpleasant details or features

Syn- Dusty, Granular, Porous, Brave, Abrasive

E.g-1. We have to prove how grittys  we are.

2. Test audiences were not impressed with the grittys pilot.

3. The stadium is modern and luxurious, but was built in the city’s grittyss ore.

4. Columbus is playing its grittiest hockey at just the right time.

5. And so the gritty sfilm has become politically hot.

6. Why do my eyes feel dry and gritty?


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