Scold Meaning – Speak Angrily To Someone Especially A Child

(skould / skauld / skowld)Scold Meaning(vb.)

Scold Meaning in Hindi – (डांटना / फटकारना / दोष निकालना)

Meaning in English – Remonstrate with or rebuke (someone) angrily / speak angrily to someone especially a child because it has done something wrong.

Synonyms of Scold:- Blame, Chide, Rebuke, Reprimand, Upbraid

E.g-1. It is near impossible to eat with the scold’s bridle on.

2. A nurse scolded us for not knowing about this home remedy:

3. The regular attacks often turned her into a whiny scold.

4. She again scolded leaders for not doing enough and ignoring science.

5. His mother scolds him for waving at a man on a motorcycle.

6. When she looked at me to scold me, she saw that I was crying.

7. “Stop scolding me,” she says, but at least she’s not crying.

8. My parents never scolded Rose for taking more than her share.

9. The mother scolded the child for entering a stranger’s car.

10. His mother scolded him for breaking window glass.

11. He never raised his voice or scolded me unfairly.

12. If my father finds out, he’ll scold me a lot

13. Don’t scold her, she’s nothing but a child.

14. Don’t scold her, It’s not her fault.

15. Men are scolded for not being good enough “allies.”

16. “I told you to keep that shawl over your shoulders,” she scolds Lucinda.

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