Prevalent Meaning – Very Commonly or Most Widely Adopted

(prev(ə)lənt / / preh.vuh.luhnt) Prevalent Meaning (adj.)

Prevalent Meaning in Hindi:- (प्रचलित / दूर तक फैला हुआ / प्रचारित / आम तौर पर या बड़े पैमाने पर)

Meaning in English:- (widespread in a particular area or at a particular time /  most frequent or common / existing very commonly or happening often / generally or extensively existing / most widely adopted or practiced / superior in force or power)

Synonyms of Prevalent:- Popular, Common, Usual, Rife, General, Frequent, Dominant

Prevalent Meaning with Sentences

E.g:- 1. Rumour and gossip are very prevalent in totalitarian systems like this.

2. This giving truly shows that humanity still is prevalent in our society.

3. These diseases are more prevalent among young children.

4. A more prevalent concern across video game productions is voice acting.

5. He said five officers are trained as pilots and he believes that drones will become more prevalent in the department.

6. As the virus becomes more and more prevalent across countries, such testing will become critical.

7. Many of these negative consequences are most prevalent when unemployment is recurrent or extended.

8. Mr. Trump Said “A very good sign is that empty hospital beds are becoming more and more prevalent

9. Trees are dying in areas where acid rain is most prevalent.

10. Robots are more prevalent in daily life than ever before.

11. Health care fraud is one of the most prevalent forms of identity theft.

12. Firearms are already the second most prevalent killer of children in the US after car crashes.

13. The incidence of corona virus infection is prevalent in winter and spring.

14. Perhaps the virus will become so prevalent that staying home won’t help.

15. Nowadays cross-dressing is very much prevalent among young girls.

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