Penchant Meaning – Special Liking or Tendency To Do Something

(pentʃənt / pen-chənt / pen.chuh.nt / pawn.shawn)Penchant Meaning(n.)

Penchant Meaning in Hindi:- (लगन / विशेष रुचि / झुकाव / इच्छा)

Meaning in English:- (a strong or habitual liking for something or tendency to do something / Special liking or tendency to do something / a feeling of liking something very much or a tendency to do something a lot / strong preference or tendency)

Synonyms of Penchant:- Affection, Affinity, Fondness Proclivity, Inclination, Taste, Attachment, Partiality, Tendency, Devotion, Leanness, Bias

Penchant Meaning with Sentences

E.g:- 1. If you’ve got a penchant for organization, look into becoming a virtual assistant.

2. His penchant for putting his hands on people, especially women, forced him to promise to reform.

3. Taylor was known for his over-the-top delivery and penchant for confetti showers.

4. He’s already got a penchant for complaints of “presidential harassment.”

5. One obvious problem is the media’s penchant for overdramatizing every little difference of opinion it happens to stumble on.

6. You may have developed a strange penchant for interior decorating.

7. As his country slid into recession, he did little to hide his taste for Ferraris and penchant for squiring beauty queens.

8. He has a penchant for the game.

9. Each group becomes passionately addicted to its own dominant penchant or special taste.

10. The current president’s penchant for secrecy surrounding his finances is well documented.

11. He touches on race, relationships and politics, with a penchant for crowd-work that he weaves throughout his act.

12. Tad has a penchant for spicy foods, and has been known to eat habanero chilies whole.

13. It’s the Indian penchant for chili that alarms many Western visitors.

14. Your penchant for posting overly romantic memes to facebook is the strongest indication as to why you’re still single.

15. He has a strong penchant for attending celebrity events and parties.

16. Americans have a penchant for the future and tend to disregard the past.

17. He has a penchant for making a fool of himself!

18. My best friend has a penchant for learning different accents of English.

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