Obsess Meaning – Constantly Talking & Worrying About Something

(ab.ses)Obsess Meaning(vb)

Obsess Meaning In Hindi – (दिल / दिमाग में घर कर लेना / ( भूत) लगना)

Meaning In English – Be constantly talking or worrying about something.

Obsess Synonyms – Prepossess, Preoccupy, Fear, Haunt, Bedevil, Dominate

Obsess Sentences

E.g- 1. You need to stop obsessing and just deal with the problem.

2. She used to obsesse about her weight.

3. The war obsesses him — he talks about nothing else.

4. She was obsessed with the idea of revenge

5. “Since I was 12, I was obsessed with different challenges,” said Erica.

6. I thought she was obsessed with her husband.

7. He’s obsessed about his son’s death.


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