Nuptial Night Meaning – First Night of A Wedding

(nʌ / Nuptial Night Meaning

Nuptial Night Meaning in Hindi – (गुपचुप रात / नव रात्रि / सुहाग रात)

Meaning in English – First night after a wedding / the night after the wedding when bride and groom sleep together

Synonyms of Nuptial Night- Wedding night / Newly Night / First Night

E.g-1. I’m sure the nuptial night will be amazing too.

2. He spends the nuptial night on a sofa.

3. She is greatly disappointed on her nuptial night; he does not even come to bed.

4. On their nuptial night, the princess awaits her husband in bed.

5. On her nuptial night, she is tense, stressed and fearful.

6. On her nuptial night, she insisted that her groom sleep in a separate room.

7. On the nuptial night, I finally went back to my room at 1 a.m.

8. He admits to spending a nuptial night with someone other than his new bride.

9. I will leave my husband on my nuptial night.


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